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Pure Graphite Sheets


Pure Graphite Sheet

Standard Sheet Size: 1mtr W x 50 mtrs Roll
Thickness: 1 to 3 mm

Expanded graphite sheets are produced from pure, expanded flexible graphite and do not contain any other fibers or filler materials. Temperature range: - 240° C up to 450 ° C,with steam up to 650 °C, under inert conditions up to 1,200°C

Expanded flexible graphite sheets are widely applicable for gases and fluids. They are chemically resistant against most media, have excellent thermal conductivity, can be stored indefinitely, do not need anti-stick coating and are extremely resistant to temperature cycles.

Because of its specific structure expanded graphite sheets are particularly suited for applications with extremely high or low temperatures, with highly corrosive and aggressive media, for sensitive flange materials (i.e. enamel, glass, plastic) and for gas and steam applications.