PEEK Medical White

Standard Sizes 

Rods: 6-20 mm dia x 1-3 mtr L

Sheets: against Order

Lead time: Min 2-4 weeks

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» Density: 1.40 g/cm3   Colour: White

» developed for dental and medical technology applications.

» material can have blood and tissue contact of up to 30 days, and has been tested for biocompatibility on the resin and the stock shape

» high resistance to hydrolysis even at high temperatures, very good sterilization capabilities, and outstanding chemical resistance

» In some cases, prolonged contact duration of up to 180 days can be approved for certain dental applications

Properties Applications
» very good chemical resistance

» high dimensional stability

» good slide and wear properties

» biocompatible

» hydrolysis and superheated steam resistant

» resistance against high energy radiation

» high strength


» medical technology





PEEK Variants- Lead time: 2-4 weeks
PEEK 30GF -30% glass filled PEEK 30CF- 30% carbon filled
PEEK MODIFIED – filled with 10% Carbon, 10% PTFE & 10% Graphite PEEK -10% PTFE filled
PEEK -Ceramic filled PEEK Medical (Bio-compatible)
PEEK Medical White X-RAY Detectable BioCompatible PEEK
PEEK ELS -Electrically Conductive PEEK ESD- Black
PEEK Variants- Made against Order- subject to MOQ and min 7-10 weeks
PEKEKK – PolyEtherKetonEtherKetoneKetone PEEK ID- Inductively Detectable
PEEK UD – Ultra Detectable -Food Grade PEEK Mineral filled
PEEK -CMP (chemical mechanical planarization) PEEK ELS CF30- Electrically Conductive Peek with Carbon Fibre Reinforcement
PEEK SE- Semicon PEEK -10% PTFE filled
Compression Moulded PEEK- Unfilled and with various fillers Injection Moulded PEEK- Unfilled and with various fillers
Spin Moulded PEEK- Unfilled and with various fillers Medical Grade PEEK Composite- 50% OR 60% Carbon filled

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