PI (PolyImide) with 15 % MOS2

Standard Sizes:
Sheets: 25 mm thk x 300 mm W x 1 mtr L

Rods: 6-50 mm dia x 500 mm L

Lead time: min 2-4 weeks

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» Density: 1.53 g/cm3   Colour: Black

» optimum friction and wear properties in a vacuum, which means it can be used in space travel applications, in a vacuum or in inert gases (techn. dry)

» low outgassing in accordance with ESA regulation

Properties Applications
» very good thermal stability » aircraft and aerospace technology
» high thermal and mechanical capacity » nuclear and vacuum technology
» very good electrical insulation » mechanical engineering
» good chemical resistance » precision engineering
» resistance against high energy radiation » cryogenic engineering
» low outgassing » semiconductor technology
» high creep resistance » electrical engineering
» sensitive to hydrolysis in higher thermal range » electronics
» food engineering

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