POM-C- AST (Anti-Static) Electrically Active

Standard Sizes:

Sheets: 12-50 mm thk x 500/610 mm W x 1.22-3 mtr L

Rods: against Order

Lead time: min 2-4 weeks

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» Density: 1.35 g/cm3   Colour: Natural Ivory

» addition of this anti static agent produces a defined degree of conductivity in the anti static range, and can compromise the strength and hardness of the material depending on the application

» good wear resistance, high chemical resistance, and has high toughness and strength

» exceptional electrical conductivity suitable for electronics industry

Properties Applications
» antistatic » semiconductor technology
» good wear properties » chemical technology
» soot-free » electronics
» high strength » food technology
» good chemical resistance » mechanical engineering
» high stiffness & toughness
» difficult to bond

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