PTFE Pipes- Rigid

Only Limited sizes Ready Stock

Major Sizes- against Order- Min lead time 2-4 weeks

Single length 1 mtr -max upto 3 mtr L(only against order)

if flexible tubing required- pl check – PTFE Tubing

if upto 100 mm L- Ready Stock- pl check – PTFE Bush

Product Price:



» Density: 2.15 g/cm3   Colour: White

» most commonly used and widely available fluoropolymer

» preferred material for sliding applications and part exposde to chemical stress

» 25% Glass filled PTFE, 25% Carbon filled PTFE, 40% Bronze filled PTFE, 20% PI (PolyImide) filled PTFE, 40% PI (PolyImide) filled PTFE and many other variants available

Properties Applications
» very good electrical insulation » chemical engineering
» very good slide and wear properties » aircraft and aerospace technology
» inherent flame retardant » food technology
» continuous service temperature up to 250 °C » cryogenic engineering
» very good chemical resistance » mechanical engineering
» good UV and weather resistance » semiconductor technology
» medical technology

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