X-RAY Opaque BioCompatible PPSU

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» Density: 1.34 g/cm3   Colour: Black, Green,Grey,Yellow, Blue & Red

» x-ray detectable biocompatible PPSU plastic (Polyphenylsulfone)

» x-ray opaque properties and permits clear visibility of components under fluoroscopy and x-ray radiation

» allows the surgeon a precise picture of their medical devices or of orthopaedic trial implants during image-controlled procedures

» improved performance in temperature, impact strength, chemical resistance, and shows exceptional resistance to repeated steam autoclaving without loss of dimensional stability, or physical properties

» tested in line with the requirements of ISO 10993 for medical products coming into contact with bodily fluids, bone substance or dentin for up to 24 hours

Properties Applications
» x-ray opaque » medical technology
» high thermal and mechanical capacity
» hydrolysis and superheated steam resistant
» good impact strength
» high stiffness & strength
» good chemical resistance
» high gamma radiation resistance

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